Radfan: Put the warmth where you want it!


A clever idea introduced by the British inventor Roland Glansi promises to reduce the cost of heating oil or natural gas by 20 %. According to the inventor , the device Radfan which costs only 55 pounds , can solve the problem of heating during the winter.

The idea of Glansi was very simple, as he observed that the hot air generated by the radiator tends to be concentrated on the ceiling . So he installed a simple fan to the radiator, channeling warm air throughout the room. In this way, he argues that the cost of oil and gas can be reduced by 20 %.

This invention has been awarded by the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change with 253,000 pounds, and has already found a company which will implement the idea.

The invention includes a simple plastic device, which has  length 50.5 cm and width 8 cm. It contains fans that “push” the warm air, which has the ability to rise to the center of the room, causing the temperature to rise faster. So the thermostat closes  faster, thereby saving fuel .

The device is activated with electricity, while the inventor only equiped the device with a cable which on its one part is specially reinforced to withstand the heat of the radiator. You can find the device via the eshop and there have been already sold in Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

Source www.radfan.com

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