Economist debates: Solar energy


Can solar energy save the world? Join the ongoing online debate by the Economist to learn about arguments and facts from both sides.

On the one hand there is the argument of Richard M. Swanson, founder of SunPower Corporation, who is a storng defender of the solar energy. More specifically he says: “Photovoltaics prices have declined 50% in the past five years, and plans are in place for another 50% decrease. When achieved, photovoltaics will be among the lowest cost options for generating electric energy.

On the other hand there is the opposite opinion supported by Benny Peiser, director at Global Warming Policy Foundation, who says: “Despite more than 30 years of research, development and deployment, solar energy has been unable to solve the inherent and obdurate problems that make this technology uneconomic for the foreseeable future.

What do you believe? Click here to join the debate!


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