London: street lights could slash 40% of energy use

londinoSpeaking for the largest investment ever made in London for the modernization of public lighting , the municipality of London  in collaboration with Transport for London have announced a series of measures aiming at curbing emissions of carbon dioxide , but also saving money.

The program includes the introduction of a new system for monitoring and managing street lamps in such a way that the light levels can be adjusted based on usage. In addition , tens of thousands of light bulbs will be replaced with LED.
With tens of thousands of lamps to illuminate our roads , it is reasonable wanting to upgrade the energy requirements and resources , bringing them to the requirements of the 21st century ,” said Mayor of London Boris Johnson making the unveiling of the program , which has calculated that it will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 9,700 tons per year .

The TfL is responsible for over 50,000 street lamps in the whole of London . It has already started to implement the program , which is expected to be completed by 2016 at a cost of 11 million pounds . The authorities expect that the reduction of electricity tariffs will help the municipality to save about 1.85 million annually .

This is the largest investment to modernize the lighting on major roads has been in the history of our capital city ,” added Johnson. “Beyond the limitation of CO2 emissions and saving money , it will make the roads safer and better for Londoners . “

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