Energyville by Chevron: Let’s Play!



Energyville represents an average industrialized city and its consumption of energy.

Goal of the game is to plan energy resources of virtual city in the present with the aim to reach its energy demand as well as to create its sustainable future in 2030. Players can choose between biomass, coal, geothermal, hydro, natural gas, nuclear, petroleum, solar and wind technologies as they try to reach the necessary energy levels.

The challenge is that each of these fuel sources impact three barometers: economy, environment and security. Players can click on any of these barometers to get a clearer idea of what they take into account. For instance, >security< takes into account energy diversity, reliance on imports, unreliable technologies etc.

What amazed me are implications a terrorist attack could have on petroleum supply, or a drought on hydro energy potential of the city!

The game was developed by The Economist Group.

Enjoy at

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