European Mobility Week 16-22 September


EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK 2015 activities in cities and towns across Europe and the world were launched on 16 September at an event at the European Parliament in Brussels (Belgium). Currently more than 1600 local governments from 42 countries have registered their participation online and are carrying out activities celebrating this year’s theme of multimodality.

Some examples of planned activities by cities include awareness-raising workshops and events on learning to cycle, bicycle maintenance, and the cycling economy in Aveiro (Portugal) and a street fair encouraging cycling, walking, and more informed mobility choices in Nottingham (United Kingdom).

The week culminates with Car-Free Day, which falls on Tuesday 22 September this year. Hundreds of cities are closing streets to cars in favour of pedestrians and cyclists. Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, will close the entirety of Gamla Stan (the old city) and other streets in its busy shopping districts to cars.

This year also shows strengthened cooperation between cities in several countries, such as in Slovenia. The country has a record number of cities taking part and has developed a website with all the key information about this year’s events. The website is hosted by the City of Koper.

All cities which hold activities during EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK are encouraged to register their participation online at After registration is confirmed they will be displayed on the Cities page and added to the official total.

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