Happy birthday Google!

Today Google is celebrating tis 17th birthday!But, have you ever wondered if Google is green enough?We have gathered some facts in orded to answer the above question.

Today Google is celebrating tis 17th birthday!But, have you ever wondered if Google is green enough?We have gathered some facts in orded to answer the above question.

Renewable energy
  • At Google, they are striving to power the company with 100% renewable energy. In addition to the environmental benefits, they see renewable energy as a business opportunity and continue to invest in accelerating its development.
  • They are currently using renewable energy to power 35% of their operations, and they continue to look for ways to increase their use of clean energy. This includes trying new, innovative technology at their offices and buying green power near our data centers.
  • They are investing in clean energy so it’s more accessible for their company and for everyone. And they have done that in ways that make business sense. In fact, they have made agreements to fund over $2 billion in renewable energy projects. They are helping create a clean energy future that’s better for their business and the environment.

Also, Google has been recognized for their commitment to using and investing in renewable power, and for reducing our overall environmental impact. They co-founded the Climate Savers Computing Initiative in 2007 and joined The Green Grid—two global groups dedicated to higher efficiency and sustainability standards.


At Google, they ‘ve worked hard to minimize the environmental impact of their services. In fact, when they provide an active user one month of Google services, they use less energy than driving a car one mile. If you add in our renewable energy and offsets, their footprint is zero.

Data centers that save energy

Their data centers are some of the most efficient in the world. Specifically, their data centers use only 50% of the energy of most other data centers. In addition to reducing the impact on the environment, their efficient data center designs have saved them over a billion dollars to date. In fact, according to an independent study, Google uses very little of the world’s electricity (less than 0.01%). Additionally, they’re the first major Internet services company to gain external certification of their high environmental and energy management standards throughout our data centers.

Carbon offsets: getting to zero

Even after their efforts in efficiency and renewable energy, they still impact the environment. They help bring their footprint to zero by investing in projects that reduce carbon emissions at another source outside of Google. For example, they pay for reductions in emissions from a landfill near their data center. By investing in these projects, their total climate impact ends up being zero. This means that all of their products and services are carbon neutral.

Their footprint: beyond zero

Their efforts in efficiency, buying clean energy and purchasing carbon offsets bring carbon footprint down to zero. They’re going beyond carbon neutral and have made agreements to fund over $1.5 billion in renewable energy projects that create far more renewable energy for the world than they consume as a company. In addition, some of their products enable their users to save energy themselves.

What others are saying?

Google has been the most open in the industry about the importance of increasing not only energy efficiency within the sector, but also the need to move our energy sources to renewable energy. Google has made significant efforts to increase the company’s transparency. This is a great step forward…Google’s commitment to using renewable energy as much as possible has set the bar for the industry.”


Talking about sustainability is a popular marketing tool, but Google has made renewable energy and environmental protection part of both its corporate identity and its operations in a way that is unique in corporate America.

Associated Press

So, what do you think?Is Google green enough?

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