London: The Future of Energy Summit 2015


After 5 years, ‪Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit‬ is back in London. More specifically, in October 2015 (12-13 October), Bloomberg New Energy Finance convenes its first EMEA Summit on the future of energy, covering there three themes: markets, money and mix.

Over two days of discussion, in London, more than 50 industry, finance and policy thought-leaders will debate the future energy system.

Want to know what topics will be discussed at the conference?
  1. Markets: the reform of national and regional energy markets are central to strategic decision making. Markets are also the only mechanism enabling effective price discovery by governments, business and investors. Whether this is for offshore wind and the development of a North Sea power market, the reform of the EU ETS or the contribution of energy storage to the proper functioning of electricity markets disrupted by high renewables penetration, markets are key.
  2. Money: functioning markets attract investment and competition as investors innovate their way to a profit. Where will this profit be in the coming years? In green bonds, in yield cos, in capacity markets, spinning reserves, and virtual power plants, or in the secondary market for renewable and thermal assets?
  3. Mix: as money flows the mix changes, whether this is in the mix of companies servicing the connected home, the mix of power generation technologies meeting demand, the mix of vehicles and fuels meeting transportation demands and air pollution standards, or the mix of residential and utility scale solar plants powering the solar revolution.

So, if you are lucky enough to be in London on 12 October 2015 do not miss it!Since limited seats are still available hurry up and subscribe by clicking here.

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