Alonnissos: The first Greek island that says “no” to plastic bags


The December 1 has become an environmental milestone both to Alonissos, and throughout Greece.

The charming island, home to the most important surviving population of Mediterranean monk seal, Monachus monachus, in the Mediterranean, is the first area of Greece, which through the program “Alonnissos without plastic bags,” eliminates the use of plastic bags, while allowing residents the possibility of alternative, environment-friendly options for transporting goods, as announced by the Mediterranean Network SOS.

As it became known, on Tuesday, December 1, representatives of local government, MMKO, schoolchildren and volunteers of the Municipality of Alonnisos, informed residents who visited shops on the island for the initiative, distributing brochures of the program and fabric bags for replacing the plastic bag in their daily purchases.

In fact, the owners of supermarkets, which “embraced” with enthusiasm this initiative from its first steps,they stopped placing plastic bags, providing an alternative to the corresponding reusable, so that the elimination of plastic bags in Alonnisos gain more universal and extended character.

At a time when the economic downturn is blocking the promotion of viable proposals, a small island proves its willingness to defend its natural wealth and be an example for other communities, adopting new practices and another culture towards environmental management .

Alonnisos flipped page – pioneer in the sustainability of Greek islands- in the field of protection and preservation of the marine environment and becoming a top destination for alternative tourism“, underlined by the NGO network that have initiated action.

Finally, The program “Alonnissos without plastic bags” implemented by the Mediterranean SOS Network and MOm / Hellenic Society for the Study and Protection of the Monk Seal, in collaboration with the Municipality of Alonnissos and financing the Foundation Thalassa.


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