Make your business “green”, make your business profitable

Coins and green plant isolated on whiteHave you ever thought that by making your business eco-friendly you can end up with an extra economic benefit? Acting with an environmental friendly manner will benefit your business in economic terms and moreover you will help environment, not only by going green, but by sending an environmental message around the world.

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25 Ways To Be Environmentally Conscious


Everybody is making strides to protect and preserve the environment. True enough, the new war cry of most individuals and organizations today is “Go Green”. Our decisions and actions contribute to the deterioration or well-being of the environment, and it is something that none of us can ever afford to look right through.

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Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis

ipccIPCC: The responsibilities of man on climate change

The draft of 31 pages was delivered on Monday , by scientists and representatives from 110 countries . After one last ” hairstyle “, the final document will be approved and presented on Friday , and will act as a guide for the governments in the next two years who will attempt to agree on the framework that will succeed the Kyoto Protocol .

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