Solarization of Greece


From Austerity to Abundance

Greece is home to heroes and goddesses, mythical creatures and jeweled beaches, damn fine olives, and the most sun-kissed skin in Europe. While the recent coverage from Greece has been about scarcity, austerity and converging crises, it has failed to cast a shadow over a country that is abundant in a powerful and ancient source of hope: the Sun. Continue reading “Solarization of Greece”

The World’s First Solar-Powered Tumble Dryer by Miele

T 881 EcoComfort, solar powered tumble dryer, miele, tumble dryer, solar power, solar array, solar tumble dryer, IFA 2013 berlin,Photo by IFA 2013

Domestic appliances company Miele just unveiled the world’s first solar-powered tumble dryer, which uses the sun’s energy to heat air for drying clothing! The T 881 EcoComfort is connected to a home’s central heating system, which in turn is linked to a solar-thermal rooftop array. This allows it to have an A+++ energy efficiency rating, which is up to 80% more efficient than competing clothes dryers. 

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Low-cost solutions to heat your home

As Europe still experiencing economic recession and the temperature falls day by day, citizens of the european countries are seeking for low-cost solutions to heat their homes. Thus, energement tried to gather the most economical ways in which spaces can be heated.

Electric Space Heaters

One of the best solutions for space heating could be the use of electric space heaters. Especially in the case where the residents use specific rooms, those rooms can be isolated and be heated without spending money on heating rooms that are not in use.  They are thought to be economical as its purchase cost is small, you can find a small one even at $20. Moreover, utility costs can be small too especially in comparison with other solutions which are based on heating fuel, since its price in the majority of the countries is very high. At last, space heaters is feasible to heat a single room much quicker than a central heat will warm an entire house. Space heaters are also generally very energy efficient.
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