Which countries generate the most power from renewables?


News that India has opened the first airport to be entirely powered by solar energy has underlined the growth in renewable energy. The sector has been growing strongly despite the dramatic fall in the price of oil and last year 59% of all new power generated around the world came from renewable sources. Continue reading “Which countries generate the most power from renewables?”

Five Steps America Must Take Now to Combat Climate Change



In the United States, the government’s shutdown, even after it ends will slow much of the president’s Obama second-term agenda items. Despite reports by U.N. scientists and Nature researchers this month that the planet’s climate is still warming, ice is still melting, seas are still rising and humans are still certainly to blame, the President’s Climate Action Plan — which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, assist communities in adapting to the unavoidable impacts of climate change and increase U.S. leadership in spurring global climate action — is also getting stuck coming out the gate.

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Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis

ipccIPCC: The responsibilities of man on climate change

The draft of 31 pages was delivered on Monday , by scientists and representatives from 110 countries . After one last ” hairstyle “, the final document will be approved and presented on Friday , and will act as a guide for the governments in the next two years who will attempt to agree on the framework that will succeed the Kyoto Protocol .

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