Athens: Balkans Oil & Gas 2013 Summit


The established 2nd Annual Balkans Oil & Gas 2013 Summit is here again to gather the leading companies involved in the Upstream and Downstream sector of the Balkans and discuss the recent developments in the countries on the exploration from the Adriatic to the Black Sea, the new pipeline projects that will fuel Europe and Balkans with gas, as well as the ways to get involved in each of the countries.

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IEA: Renewables Information 2013

ΚαταγραφήRenewables Information is a comprehensive review providing historical and current market trends in OECD countries, including 2012 preliminary data. The review consists of four parts. An Introduction, notes, definitions and auxiliary information are provided in Part I. Part II of the publication provides an overview of the development of renewables and waste in the world over the 1990 to 2011 period. A greater focus is given to OECD countries with

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Interactive Website Compares Alternate Energy Futures

A new web resource allows you to explore what your energy future could look like, modeling energy production and consumption to the year 2035.

The Two Energy Futures site allows users to visualize and explore two energy futures—one fossil fuel based and one based on clean energy—and learn about the impacts of the different fuels involved, such astar sands, biofuels and shale gas.

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MIT: The future of Energy

Καταγραφή“News about energy technologies often seems contradictory. We hear of promising breakthroughs from academic research labs, innovative startups, and even established companies—advances that could help reduce our reliance on sources of energy that are nonrenewable and polluting. But few of these advances are having significant impact. Solar and wind power, for example, still account for a very small portion of the world’s electricity supply.

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