World’s greenest building makes official debut (video)

Bullitt-CenterLast Earth Day, 22 April, was the day where Bullitt Center, which is being called the “greenest commercial building” in the world, has made its official debut. The building – a total area of ​​4,645 square meters – covers its energy needs thanks to the huge, almost flat roof which is covered with solar panels.

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International Noise Awareness Day 2013

noiseIn 1977 soundscape artist Raymond Murray Schafer foresaw the problems related to an increase in human population and technology, writing: noise in the sky is distinguished radically from all other forms of noise in that it is not localised or contained … modern technology has given each individual the tools to activate more acoustic space. This development would seem to be running a collision course with the population increase and reduction of available physical space per individual. Raymond Murray Schafer (born 18 July 1933) is a Canadian composerwritermusic educator and environmentalist perhaps best known for his World Soundscape Project, concern for acoustic ecology, and his book The Tuning of the World (1977).

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