Solarization of Greece


From Austerity to Abundance

Greece is home to heroes and goddesses, mythical creatures and jeweled beaches, damn fine olives, and the most sun-kissed skin in Europe. While the recent coverage from Greece has been about scarcity, austerity and converging crises, it has failed to cast a shadow over a country that is abundant in a powerful and ancient source of hope: the Sun. Continue reading “Solarization of Greece”

Greece: Chalkidiki transmits S.O.S.

Protest in Thessaloniki
Protest in Thessaloniki

As Greece still facing the economic crisis the exploitation of the mineral wealth, on the one hand, seems to be a suitable solution towards the economic development. Greek state has granted the mining rights area of 317,000 acres in northern Halkidiki, rich in gold, copper and other metals in the Canadian multinational Eldorado Gold.

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This Apple is totally green!


Apple is now using only renewable energy sources for the operation of energy-intensive data centers, while RES covers 75% of the energy needs of the group as a whole. In 2010, the figure was just 35%. According to the new report by the U.S. technology giant’s environmental policies, which is posted on its website, data centers, solar, wind and geothermal energy having wean completely from fossil fuels.

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Greenpeace VS haute couture

Greenpeace has conducted a survey regarding the production processes and policies, deforestation and the toxic pollution of our Planet’s water resources followed by 15 luxury fashion brands. The questionnaire consistes of 25 questions which are focused on three issues; leather-purchasing policies, pulp purchase policies and textile production.

1The results have shown that Valentino is the only brand whom fashion doesn’t need to cost the Earth to be in style, while Giorgio Armani, Dior, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Ermenegildo Zegna, Versace and Salvatore Ferragamo are ranked as brands that have only partially committed to achieving Zero Deforestation and Zero Discharge goals. Roberto Cavalli was the only brand possessing an unsatisfactory rank expressing that the brand has not given specific responses and also that there is no guarantee for consumers that its policies are not destroying rainforests and water resources.

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Greenpeace: Point of No Return

assetThumbnailIn a report released in January 22, Greenpeace provides information about the environmental effects of large new fossil fuel extraction projects around the world. Ecofys contributed to the report by analysing 14 of the largest projects ranging from coal expansion in Australia, China, the US and Indonesia, to expansion of oil production in the tar sands of Canada, the Arctic and Brazil to new gas production in the Caspian Sea and the US.

The analysis shows that by 2020 these 14 projects will increase CO2emissions by 6.34 gigatonnes a year. The yearly CO2 emissions from these projects would be higher than the total US emissions and risk locking in catastrophic global warming.


Food for thought by Greenpeace

Yesterday Greenpeace released a three-minute video containing information about coal exports to Asia via the Pacific Northwest, exports that according to Greenpeace will destroy communities and could send them over a climate cliff. More specifically the video focuses in  Ambre Energy, Arch Coal and Peabody Energy and their plans to go to the ends of the earth to sell their coal, even if it causes more droughts, fires and storms due to the resulting global warming.

Get the Coal Energy Facts: Help Us Stop Coal Exports



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Is your favorite electronic gadget green?Greenpeace has the answer!

GG_1012_bgEvery day, more people around the world rely on laptops, phones and tablets to make their lives more productive and fun. Electronic gadgets can make our lives better, but the rate at which we purchase and discard these devices is having a serious impact on our planet.
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