Which countries generate the most power from renewables?


News that India has opened the first airport to be entirely powered by solar energy has underlined the growth in renewable energy. The sector has been growing strongly despite the dramatic fall in the price of oil and last year 59% of all new power generated around the world came from renewable sources. Continue reading “Which countries generate the most power from renewables?”

Wind turbine promises to reduce the cost of wind energy


An american company, Sheer Wind claims to have invented a new technology of wind energy, which is six times more efficient than conventional and can reduce the cost of operating in a wider range of weather conditions. According to them, Invelox system produce energy even when blowing winds are of 1.5-3 kilometers per hour.

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An illustration of the renewable energy sector

Renewable energy is energy that comes from resources which are continually replenished such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves and geothermal heat. About 16% of global final energy consumption comes from renewable resources, with 10% of all energy from traditional biomass, mainly used for heating, and 3.4% from hydroelectricity. New renewables (small hydro, modern biomass, wind, solar, geothermal, and biofuels) accounted for another 3% and are growing very rapidly.The share of renewables in electricity generation is around 19%, with 16% of electricity coming from hydroelectricity and 3% from new renewables. 

Below you can see a very interesting infographic designed by the Carrington College in California which illustrates the types of renewable energy, their correlation with the jobs, the renewable energy use by state and at last the global development of primary energy consumption reference scenario VS energy (r)evolution. The graphic can be used as a guide for the newbies in energy sector.

(Click to enlarge)Renewable Energy - Infographic [Via: Carrington College’s Renewable Energy Degree Program]